Pride M12.15D18 Subwoofer Pride M12.15 RMS 1200W Size 15 D1,8

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Subwoofer Pride M12.15

We present you a popular model of subwoofers – Pride M12.15

Modular architecture and that’s it. A new era in the history of car audio is now in your hands, all you have to do is choose the required size and power. Aluminum frames that act as radiators and an updated cooling system provide maximum protection against overheating, which means the ability to sound long and loud. The subwoofers received a new magnetic system and our highly linear suspension – additional points in reliability and power. Enlarged centering washer with progressive corrugation shape. The shape of the diffuser made it possible to reduce the additional mass of the moving part and increase the area of ​​adhesive contacts, which provides even more strength under high loads.

The subwoofer has an honest RMS – 1200 watts, as well as even better efficiency than previous models. General feature
Power Handling (RMS) 1200 W
VC diameter / material 2,8" round copper
VC wire insulation Polyimide
Frame material Steel
Magnet size and q-ty 170*26mm x 2 pcs / 6,69*1,02" x 2 pc
Spider diameter and q-ty 193mm x 4 pcs / 7,6" x 4 pcs
Cone material Paper with glass fiber
Dust cap material Hi-temp ABS
DC Resistance (Re) 1,8+1,8 Ω
Free Air Resonance (Fs) Hz 29,8
Moving Mass (Mms) g 321
BL Tm 18,7
Total Speaker “Q” (Qts) 0,63
Electrical Q (Qes) 0,72
Mechanical Q (Qms) 5,2
Equivalent Compliance (Vas) L 58,1
One-Way Linear Excursion (Xmax) (BL 50%) mm 19
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) dB 86,9
Effective Piston Area (Sd) cm² 774
Physical Specifications
Overall Diameter 390mm / 15,35"
Mounting Hole Diameter 352mm / 13,86"
Mounting Depth 187mm / 7,36"
Driver Displacement 3,5 l / 0,92 Gal
Net Weight 10,6 kg / 23,37 lbs

Size – 15”
Voice coil – 2,8″ round copper

Change your car audio system with acoustics by Pride Car Audio!
Subwoofer available in the USA!

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