Stinger STG-SR-F15009H Stinger SR-F15009H HEIGH10 Multimedia Head Unit Installation Kit Compatible with Ford F-150 2009-2014

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The SR-F15009H is a complete radio replacement kit for the installation of the Stinger HEIGH10® modular radio in most 2009-2014 Ford F-150 trucks equipped with either correct radio types this works with. All modules, cables and adapters are included to retain important features of the factory system, including: steering wheel-mounted radio controls, factory amplifier, AM/FM reception. Plug & Play wiring harnesses allow for quick and easy installation without the need to cut or splice any wiring. The display mounting panel allows mounting the 10 inch display without modifying/cutting any part of the vehicle’s sub-dash.

Recommended tools:
• 7mm Socket
• 8mm Socket
• Ratchet
• Phillips Screwdriver
• T-20 Torx
• Small Flat Screwdiver
• Flush Cutters
• Plastic Pry Tool
• Pick Tool

In the box:
1. HEIGH10 Display Mounting Panel
2. Main Frame
3. Side Bracket Left
4. Side Bracket Right
5. Main Frame Bolt Cover
6. Cig Light Cover
7. Switch Insert 1
8. Switch Insert 2
9. Module Bracket
10. Radio Interface (RP4-FD11)
11. Media HUB (USBHUB-CH1B-RCA-48)
12. AM/FM Antenna Adapter
13. Satellite Radio Antenna Adapter (SAT-01)
14. Main Harness 2019-2021 (SR-F15009H-HAR V1)
15. Sync Harness (SR-F15009H-HAR V1 (SYNC SWC)
16. SR-F15009H-HAR (6P EXT 1)
17. SR-F15009H-HAR (6P EXT 2