Stetsom STE-HQ800.4 Bravo HQ 800.4 Multichannel Car Audio Digital Amplifier - 2 Ohms Stable - 800 Watts RMS 4 Independent Channels

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The BRAVO FULL line was developed for car audio enthusiasts seeking maximum performance and quality in amplifiers.

Its frequency response of 10Hz to 15kHz offers audio quality and definition, allowing it to be used with subwoofers, woofers, drivers, and tweeters.


Number of Channels 4
RMS Power 800W
RMS Power at 2 Ohm 12.6V 4 x 200W
RMS Power at 4 Ohm 12.6V 4 x 130W
RMS Power at 2 Ohm 14.4V 4 x 250W
RMS Power at 4 Ohm 14.4V 4 x 170W
Power @ 12.6V Bridge 4 Ohms 2 x 400W
Supply Voltage 9V ~17V DC
Frequency Response 5Hz ~22Khz
Crossover Low Pass 50Hz ~2,3K (Variable)
Crossover High Pass 50Hz ~2,3K (Variable)
Signal to Noise >80dB
Input Sensitivity RCA: 250mV / HIGH: 1,5V
Input Impedance RCA: 18K Ohms / HIGH: 1K Ohms
Consumption with Signal Musical 43A
Consumption with Signal Bass 86A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 58,5 x 167 x 235,5 mm
Weight Kg 1,5 Kg