Stetsom STE-BFULL1.2K1 BRAVO FULL 1.2K Digital Full-Range Amplifier Mono 1 Channel Class D 1200 Watts RMS

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Bring your audio system to life with the Stetsom BRAVO FULL 1.2K Digital Full-Range Amplifier. Boasting a single channel with 1200 Watts RMS of power, this high-precision mono amplifier ensures you get crystal-clear audio quality that brings out the best in your musical selections. With its efficient Class D design, you'll enjoy high-performance sound that saves you energy without sacrificing sound quality.

 Mininmum Output Impedance:            1 Ohm                  2 Ohms
Number of Channels: 1 1
Power Output @ 14.4V:

1600W RMS @ 1 Ohm

1050W RMS @ 2 Ohms

1600W RMS @ 2 Ohms

900W RMS @ 4 Ohms

Power Output @ 12.6V:

1250W RMS @ 1 Ohm

750W RMS @ 2 Ohms

1240W RMS @ 2 Ohms

700W RMS @ 4 Ohms

Minimum Input Sensitivity: 200mV 200mV
Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB >90dB
Frequency Response(-3dB) 10Hz ~ 15KHz 10Hz ~ 15KHz
Crossover Low Pass: 90Hz ~ 15KHz 90Hz ~ 15KHz
Crossover High Pass: 10Hz ~90Hz 10Hz ~90Hz
Bass Boost:

Freq: 30Hz ~ 70 Hz

Boost: 0dB ~+10dB

Freq: 30Hz ~ 70 Hz

Boost: 0dB ~+10dB

Input Impedance: 10K Ohms 12K Ohms
Supply Voltage: 9V ~ 15V DC 9V ~ 15V DC
Musical Consumption: 63.5A 60A
Bass Consumption: 127A 120A
Dimensions (HxWxL) 3.14" x 9.11" x 5.78" 3.14" x 9.11" x 5.78"
Weight: 3.85 lb 3.63 lb