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SPXM1, digital media player, is proof that big things come in small packages. SPXM1 features a 2.7-inch full-color display and LED-backlit buttons for viewing in all lighting situations including while wearing polarized sunglasses. Whether your off-shore fishing or off-roading, SPXM1 is engineered to last with an IPX6-rated optical bonded front panel allowing it to withstand those harsh outdoor elements.

SPXM1 can be expanded and controlled with the onboard front and selectable rear/subwoofer RCA outputs. Tweak the sound to your liking using the onboard EQ (with eight presets) and subwoofer-level control. Its built-in high-power 45 x 4 amplifier will ensure your favorite tunes are heard. Listen to your media via many sources, including a global AM/FM/weather-tuner, USB input for MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC files, Bluetooth, or a wired AUX RCA input. Want to keep tabs on what’s going on around you? By utilizing the onboard video input and adding a camera, you can watch that wakeboarder, fisherman, or ATV following you.

SPXM1 is your new command center, capable of controlling up to 4 devices in conjunction with the optional SwitchHUB (SPXSH440) 4-output, 100A total, solid-state switcher. For quick and easy access to those controls, SPXM1 uses a dedicated switch panel button, so the onboard display shows all four devices' statuses at once. SPXM1 becomes an ALL-IN-ONE Digital Media and Control Center, keeping things clean and clutter-free.


SwitchHUB ready

4-channel external accessory control with optional SPXSH440 (sold separately)

2.7-inch color TFT optical bonded display camera input with external trigger

Built-in Bluetooth for A2DP music streaming

Water-resistant front panel (IPX-6 rating) backlit LED buttons

Two-piece mounting system to secure the panel to the mounting surface