Pride RP.65 Speakers Ruby 6.5 Perfomance RMS 200W Size 6,5 inch

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Speakers Ruby 6.5 Perfomance

Brand new, great sounding – RUBY PERFORMANCE in 6.5” size.
This line of speakers combines the very best in sound, reliability and cutting-edge technology.

We have obtained a modular platform, the flight of fancy of which has no limits. You can “customize” the speaker in a very wide range of solutions

Speakers Ruby 6.5 Perfomance have a new frame, which not only stands out visually, but also works for the benefit of cooling the entire MS, and also precisely joins the structural element, acting as a “conductor” for assembly. You can even install two types of tuning kits. As a result, both OverBoosts change the characteristics of the speaker in the required direction, both the additional magnet in the MS, installed on the core, and the lower concentrator of magnetic lines.

They are actually optimized for those customers who prioritize elegant sound, however, it is worth noting that the sensitivity has increased enormously compared to the Ruby 6.5’’ speakers of the first version. Now you can enjoy “Solo volume” with the signature sound of the good old Ruby 6.5”.

This model of speakers is a great solution for you and your car music systems.

Complete set of sales:

Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance – 1 pairs
Carton box

Metal mesh and abs ring not included

Technical feature
Nominal impendance 4 Ohm
Voice coil winding material Cooper wire
Effective radiation area 144 cm2
Power Handling 200 W (HPF 18dB/oct. on 160 Hz)
Frequency response 160 Hz – 10 kHz
Physical feature
Magnet’s material Hybrid magnet
Magnetic core material electrical steel
Outer diameter 173,5 mm
Mounting diametr 150,5 mm
Mounting depth 70 mm