Pride D.80V2 Speakers Pride Diamond 8 v.2 RMS 300W Size 8 inch

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Speakers Pride Diamond 8 v.2

Pride Diamond 8 v2 this is the second version of the legendary speakers, which you can already buy on the US market!
Powerful Hybrid Magnetic system based on a premium magnet. Rated power of 300 watts.

High sensitivity with excellent sound in a wide frequency band.
Range of reproduced frequencies, Hz 125 – 8000

Other features of the new Pride Diamond line:

Voice coil 1.75″
Ferrite magnetic system based on a premium magnet with a diameter of 145mm
Speaker weight within ~3kg (similar to many popular models on the market)
Small installation depth, less than 80mm (actually 77mm) will significantly simplify the process of installing an array of speakers in a door
High sensitivity, in the band from 100-125Hz (24dB/oct) to 6.3-8kHz (6dB/oct) for both vocals and electronic music.

8 fastening holes of the basket with a special clamping element made of ABS plastic allow you to securely fix the speaker using the flat protective mesh of the diffuser without problems shifting the moving part by an amplitude of up to ~5mm

Rated power 275W when the speaker operates in the band from 140Hz (24dB/oct) to 8kHz (6dB/oct)
Excellent sound over a wide frequency band

Complete set of sales:

Diamond 8v2 – 1 pairs
ABS Gasket 8″ – 2 pcs
Carton box

Metal mesh and abs ring not included

Technical feature
Voice coil material Copper-coated aluminum wire
Impedance 4 Ohm
Rated power 300 W (HPF 24dB / octave at 140 Hz)
Frequency range 125 Hz – 8kHz
Effective radiation area 231 см²
Physical feature
Magnet’s material High quality Hybrid Magnetic system
External diameter 211 mm
Mounting Depth 78 mm
Mounting diameter 188 mm
Magnetic core material Electrical steel