Elite Audio EA-PRO620 Professional Grade 20ft. 6-Ch Oxygen Free Copper RCA Cable - Brass Connectors, Triple Shielded Armor

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PROFESSIONAL 6-CHANNEL RCA AUDIO CABLE: This interconnect cable delivers superior sound by seamlessly transmitting premium left/right audio signals from your car amplifier to your audio receiver, creating an exceptional audio experience.
COMPATIBILITY ACROSS DEVICES: Elevate your audio experience with cables equipped with RCA connectors that work seamlessly with a wide range of audio devices. Whether it's for car audio, home entertainment or professional setups, these cables adapt effortlessly to meet your diverse audio needs, ensuring a versatile and dependable connection.
SIGNAL INTEGRITY ENHANCEMENT: The combination of OFC, tinned copper shielding, and the copper lead drain wire reduces signal degradation and distortion, resulting in high-fidelity audio for an exceptional listening experience.
EMI PROTECTION: Our triple shielding technology effectively prevents external interference, reducing static and noise in your audio signals for crystal-clear audio output, enhancing your entertainment experience.
SIGNAL QUALITY: Our copper cable ensures exceptional audio quality with 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) for excellent conductivity and minimal signal loss. This preserves audio signal integrity, delivering a superior audio experience.
DURABILITY BOOST: We've used premium materials like OFC and machined brass connectors to make these cables highly durable, resistant to wear and tear. This ensures prolonged and consistent performance, representing a lasting investment for continuous audio excellence.
CORROSION RESISTANCE: Our cables feature tinned copper shielding and connectors for improved corrosion resistance, enhancing their performance even in challenging environments. This extends their longevity and reliability, delivering dependable audio quality in various conditions.
SECURE CONNECTIVITY: Our machined brass quad clamp copper connectors provide a secure, reliable connection, reducing the risk of signal loss due to loose connections. This ensures uninterrupted, high-quality audio that meets your expectations consistently.
FLEXIBLE & EASY INSTALLATION: These cables are remarkably flexible and easy to install, despite their robust construction. You can effortlessly adapt them to various setups, simplifying your audio system setup and leaving you with more time to enjoy your content.