Elite Audio EA-PRO415 Professional Grade 15ft. 4-Ch Oxygen Free Copper RCA Cable - Brass Connectors, Triple Shielded Armor

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Professional Grade 4-Channel RCA Cable: Seamlessly transmits premium left/right audio signals from your car amplifier to your audio receiver for exceptional audio experience.
Compatibility Across Devices: Equipped with RCA connectors that work seamlessly with a wide range of audio devices, including home entertainment systems and professional setups.
Signal Integrity Enhancement: The combination of OFC, tinned copper shielding, and copper lead drain wire reduces signal degradation and distortion for high-fidelity audio.
EMI Protection: Triple shielding technology effectively prevents external interference, reducing static and noise in your audio signals for crystal-clear audio output.
Premium Materials: Made with 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper for excellent conductivity and minimal signal loss, preserving audio signal integrity.
Durability Boost: Premium materials like OFC and machined brass connectors make these cables highly durable, resistant to wear and tear, ensuring prolonged and consistent performance.
Corrosion Resistance: Tinned copper shielding and connectors enhance corrosion resistance, extending their longevity and reliability in challenging environments.
Secure Connectivity: Machined brass quad clamp copper connectors provide a secure, reliable connection, reducing the risk of signal loss due to loose connections.
Flexible & Easy Installation: These cables are remarkably flexible and easy to install, making them suitable for various setups and simplifying your audio system setup.