Elite Audio EA-PRM415 Premium 4-Ch Oxygen Free Copper RCA Cable - 15ft. Male to Male Twisted Pair with Noise Reduction

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About this item
PROFESSIONAL 4-CHANNEL RCA AUDIO CABLE: Enjoy superior sound quality as it effortlessly transmits premium left/right audio signals from your car amplifier to your audio receiver, enhancing your audio experience."
VERSATILITY WITH UNIVERSAL RCA CONNECTORS: These cables come with universal RCA connectors, making them compatible with a wide range of audio and video devices. Whether you're setting up your home entertainment system or using them in a professional setting, these cables easily adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring you stay connected for any audio and video experience.
ENHANCED SIGNAL INTEGRITY: Enjoy better audio quality with our cables. We use high-quality materials like OFC, tinned copper shielding, and a copper lead drain wire to minimize signal interference and distortion. This results in clear, high-fidelity audio. Immerse yourself in top-notch sound that exceeds your expectations.
EMI PROTECTION: We use advanced triple shielding technology to block outside interference, which reduces static and noise in your audio. The outcome is crystal-clear audio that enhances your entertainment experience, creating an immersive sound like never before.
SIGNAL PURITY: Elevate your online audio quality with our copper cable. It's 99.9% pure OFC, ensuring excellent conductivity and minimal signal loss. This maintains the integrity of your audio signals, providing a top-notch audio experience in terms of quality.
ENHANCED DURABILITY: Our cables are built to last. We use high-quality materials like OFC and precision machined brass connectors to ensure exceptional durability. These cables are designed to withstand wear and tear, delivering consistent and long-lasting performance. Invest in cables that stand the test of time, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted audio excellence.
CORROSION RESISTANCE: Our cables are ideal for tough environments. With tinned copper shielding and connectors, they have excellent corrosion resistance, guaranteeing long-term reliability. Invest in cables that not only endure but excel, providing exceptional audio performance when and where you need it most.
SECURE CONNECTIVITY: Enjoy dependable online audio with our precision machined brass quad clamp copper connectors. They ensure a secure and reliable connection, reducing the risk of signal loss from loose connections. Experience uninterrupted, high-quality audio that consistently exceeds your expectations..
FLEXIBLE & EASY INSTALLATION: These cables, despite being sturdy, are incredibly flexible and simple to install. You can easily adapt them to different setups, making your audio system setup a breeze. This means more time to enjoy your content without the headache of complicated installations.