DS18 DS-CA-X3DBATT Can-am Maverick X3 Second Battery Upgrade Kit - More Battery Reserve Power For Longer Lasting Audio

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CAN-AM X3 2nd Battery Kit (Wire Kit & Battery Bracket Only)

Unleash the untamed power of your ATV with DS18's CA-X3DBATT, the ultimate auxiliary battery solution that redefines the boundaries of performance. As you embark on thrilling off-road adventures, this groundbreaking upgrade promises to electrify your experience, leaving no terrain uncharted and no decibel unheard.
Why would I get two batteries when I could get one with more power? At DS18, power is INFINITE and your dreams are fueled by an unwavering energy source. The CA-X3DBATT allows you to supercharge your ATV's battery power, offering an arsenal of amperage for every pursuit. This kit allows you to play your music and run your lights on a separate auxiliary battery. At the same time you will be able to start your SXS even if the accessory battery is dead. This system also allows charging of the two batteries at the same time while your SXS is in use. Crafted with precision, the CA-X3DBATT seamlessly synchronizes with your ATV's ignition system. Engage the ignition key, and watch as both batteries unite in a symphony of power, ready to conquer any challenge. Disengage the ignition, and watch as the secondary AGM battery is isolated, preserving its charge for those moments when you need it most.
The CA-X3DBATT's robust coated metal battery bracket stands tough against the elements. Witness the marriage of innovation and tradition as the CA-X3DBATT introduces the 80A Battery Isolator Relay and power distribution block into the equation. The 80A Battery Isolator relay switches your electrical current from your reserve battery to your main battery when starting so you always have power to start if your reserves are low. The distribution block makes wire routing extremely easy. With each pulse of energy, this dynamic duo ensures that your experience is nothing short of electrifying.
Immerse yourself in a stress-free installation process, where every wire is meticulously labeled, every connection effortless. The inclusion of OFC tinned wiring ensures not only superior power handling but also a level of durability that matches your adventurous spirit.
DS18’s CA-X3DBATT includes - Battery Mount, Power Distribution Block, 80A Battery Isolator, Isolator Harness, 4GA Power Wire, 8 GA Negative Battery Jump Wires, 8GA Positive Power Wires, and all hardware neccesary for mounting.