DS18 DS-BROBASS Ford Bronco 6th Gen BRO-BASS Package 12” Subwoofer Enclosure Complete Package

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DS18 BRO-BASS PACKAGE 12” Subwoofer Enclosure Complete Package Whether you’re cruising through city streets or venturing off-road in your 6th Gen Ford Bronco, DS18’s BRO-BASS Package guarantees to bring a thunderous boom wherever you end up while preserving your precious cargo space. This package is built around DS18’s BRO-BASS, a 12” Subwoofer Enclosure designed to maximize bass response and output in 6th GEN Ford Bronco’s without sacrificing space. It’s ported and ventilated box design, tuned to 45Hz to deliver a spine tingling experience, is engineered for optimal output. To further elevate the experience, DS18 has integrated stunning RGB LED lighting into the injected molded ABS grill made to look just like the GEN 6 Bronco’s headlights, creating a mesmerizing light show that syncs with your music. (LED-BTC Included) At the heart of this enclosure is DS18’s IXS12.4D, a shallow subwoofer crafted for ported boxes. The IXS12.4D reproduces bass frequencies as low as 30 Hz, for bass you can feel throughout your vehicle. With an internal volume of 1.2 cubic feet, the BRO-BASS strikes the perfect balance between size and performance. The package includes all the necessary hardware, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup that allows you to focus on what truly matters: getting LOUD!