DS18 DS-BRO-FD-LR Ford Bronco 6th Gen Front Doors 6.5" Speaker and 3.8" Tweeter Panels

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Left & Right Front Door Panel Kit For 6th Gen Ford Bronco

Revolutionize your Ford Bronco’s driving experience with DS18’s BRO-FD-LR, the ultimate solution for 6th Gen Ford Bronco owners looking for unparalleled sound quality and aesthetic enhancement.
Built to withstand the harshest elements, the BRO-FD-LR is UV protected, ensuring that it resists fading under the sun. Made from lightweight and robust ABS material, these door panels offer both strength and convenience, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable audio solution for your vehicle. The high-density plastic molded construction and an injection of sleek black color help these door panels effortlessly blend into the interior of your Ford Bronco, creating a seamless and refined look.
Each of DS18’s BRO-FD-LR Front Door Panels house one DS18 6.5" Midrange or Coaxial speaker and one DS18 Tweeter with Mounting Depths below 2.74”, allowing you to curate your dream sound system with ease.
Installation is a breeze with DS18’s BRO-FD-LR. Simply remove the factory mesh by unscrewing the 5 screws securing it, and with a firm pull, it will be effortlessly detached. Then, utilizing the same anchor points, secure the BRO-FD-LR using the screws removed previously. With an overall depth of 2.74 inches, an overall width of 8.39 inches, and an overall length of 16.48 inches, these door panels offer the perfect fit for your Ford Bronco, optimizing sound performance while seamlessly blending into your vehicle's interior.
Elevate your driving experience with DS18’s BRO-FD-LR and have superior sound everywhere you go.