DS18 DS-8XL800-4 XL 8" Mid-Range Loudspeaker 400 Watts Rms 4-Ohm

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DS18 8XL800-4
PRO XL 8" Mid-Range Loudspeaker 400 Watts Rms

DS18’s 8XL800-4 is power and precision personified. Designed for an unparalleled sound experience, this speaker is sure to change the way you experience music.

DS18’s 8XL800-4 stands head and shoulders above the mid-range competition. This 8-inch loudspeaker comes in 4-ohm and 8-ohm impedance ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio systems, for seamless integration into any setup.

With power handling of 400W RMS and 800W MAX these speakers are guaranteed to blow you away. The frequency response of 60Hz-8KHz ensures an extensive range that captures every nuance of your favorite music genres while the sensitivity rating of 99 dB guarantees crystal-clear sound reproduction, even in large venues.

Crafted with precision, DS18’s 8XL800-4 features a 2" Kapton voice coil and a non-pressed paper cone for enhanced durability and optimal sound reproduction. The satin black aluminum basket not only enhances the speaker's aesthetics but also provides structural integrity. The ferrite magnet weighing in at 56 ounces ensures powerful and accurate bass responses that will leave you amazed.

Elevate your audio game with the DS18 8XL800-4!