DS18 DS-6XL650N-4 XL 6.5" Neodymium Rings Mid-Range Loudspeaker 650 Watts 4-Ohm

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DS18 6XL650N-4
6.5” Mid-Range Loudspeaker With Neodymium Rings

DS18 presents the 6XL650N-4, a 6.5" Mid-Range Loudspeaker that will transcend the boundaries of ordinary audio.
The 6XL650N-4 is not for the faint of heart. With its staggering RMS Power Handling of 325W and a MAX Power Handling of 650W, this speaker leads your soundstage with unparalleled strength. From the subtlest of melodies to the most thunderous basslines, the 6XL650N-4 handles it all with finesse, delivering every sonic nuance with precision.
But it’s not just about power; the expert attention to detail is what sets the 6XL650N-4 apart. With a Sensitivity rating of 98.5dB, this speaker is finely tuned to capture the most delicate harmonies and unleash them with breathtaking clarity.
The secret behind the 6XL650N-4's exceptional performance lies in its Neodymium Rings. These rare-earth magnets, weighing 11.4 Oz, provide an unparalleled magnetic field strength, allowing for greater control and accuracy in reproducing sound. This means every sound is reproduced to captivate your senses and bring you that much closer to the music.
The 6XL650N-4 not only delivers an extraordinary audio experience, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your car interior. The aluminum basket, dressed in a satin black finish, provides a sturdy foundation for the 6XL650N-4. Engineered with precision, this custom-tooled basket provides unparalleled stability, effectively reducing unwanted vibrations, and ensuring distortion-free sound reproduction. The strategic design incorporates ample ventilation, allowing for efficient heat dissipation, even during prolonged listening sessions at high volumes.
Superior audio performance demands pristine signal transmission, and DS18's polished high quality spring loaded push terminals deliver just that. The polished surface minimizes resistance and contact irregularities, effectively reducing signal loss and preserving the integrity of your audio signals. The spring-loaded mechanism further simplifies the installation process, making it easy to achieve a tight and secure connection every time.
Experience the power, precision, and passion that only DS18 can deliver. Upgrade your car audio with DS18's 6XL650N-4 and unlock a realm of sonic ecstasy that will leave you breathless.