DS18 DS-6XL600-4 XL 6.5" Mid-Range Loudspeaker 300 Watts Rms 4-Ohm

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DS18 6XL600-4
6.5” Mid-Range Loudspeaker

Brace yourself for the LOUD revolution with DS18’s 6XL600-4, a 6.5” Mid-Range Loudspeaker that will take your car’s audio to places it’s never been before.
DS18’s 6XL600-4 handles an awe-inspiring RMS of 300W, and an incredible MAX of 600W ensuring that your audio experience is a symphony of pure power. It’s extraordinary sensitivity, fixed at 97dB, transforms even the slightest whisper into an ear-piercing roar.
DS18’s 6XL600-4 has a frequency response ranging from 60Hz to 12.5KHz, guaranteeing you never miss a beat. DS18 understands that every audio enthusiast has unique preferences, which is why we recommend a HI Pass Crossover of 100Hz to complement your audio setup, ensuring a harmonious balance between the lows, mids, and highs.But the true magic lies within the construction of the 6XL600-4. The aluminum basket, dressed in a satin black finish, provides a sturdy foundation for the 6XL600-4. Engineered with precision, this custom-tooled basket provides unparalleled stability, effectively reducing unwanted vibrations, and ensuring distortion-free sound reproduction. The strategic design incorporates ample ventilation, allowing for efficient heat dissipation, even during prolonged listening sessions at high volumes.
The expertise of our engineers shows in the design of the polished high-quality spring-loaded push terminals that ensure a seamless connection between your audio system and the speakers. The spring-loaded mechanism further simplifies the installation process, making it effortless to achieve a tight and secure connection every time.
And let's not forget the magnetic force behind it all—a robust ferrite magnet weighing in at an impressive 34 Oz, generating immense power and driving your speakers performance.
DS18's 6XL600-4— is your gateway to professional audio in your vehicle. Are you ready for the audio revolution?