DS18 BKVR Universal Bass Knob W/ Voltmeter And Remote On DS18

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  • Universal Bass Knob & Volt Meter
  • Compatible with most Head Units & Amplifiers
  • Remote Amp Trigger
  • Digital Volt Meter(10V-15.9V)
  • Blue LED Display(High/Low Voltage)
  • Rotary Push Turn On/Off for Amplifier Remote


Universal Bass Knob with Voltmeter and Remote On

Introducing DS18’s BKVR, the essential tool for every car audio enthusiast who demands nothing but the best.
Say goodbye to the days of complicated adjustments and potential damage to your precious audio equipment. DS18’s BKVR offers you a seamless and effortless way to fine-tune your bass level with a simple twist. Thanks to its RCA in/out connection, you can now achieve the perfect balance between thunderous lows and crystal-clear highs, all at your fingertips.
Designed for true audio enthusiasts, the DS18 BKVR goes above and beyond to elevate your listening experience. Its rotary push turn ON/OFF knob gives you complete control over your amplifier's remote, enabling you to fine-tune your sound with precision.
But the DS18 BKVR is not just about control; Equipped with a built-in voltmeter, this exceptional device keeps you informed about your amplifier's voltage drops during your most intense listening sessions. With the DS18 BKVR, you have the power to monitor and safeguard your audio setup with ease.
Whether you prefer an in-dash or under-dash installation, this bass knob adapts effortlessly to your car's interior, seamlessly integrating into your audio system. Seamless compatibility with most head units and amplifier means you can rest assured that this universal bass knob will integrate effortlessly, providing you with an unparalleled listening experience without compromising on quality. Its compact dimensions of 82 x 75 x 27 mm ensure hassle-free integration, allowing you to maintain the aesthetics of your build for unparalleled functionality.
Unleash the power within and experience car audio like never before – choose the DS18 BKVR and embrace the new world of audio excellence.



RCA Line Level Control
Voltage Monitoring
Digital Volt-Meter
Amplifier Control
Remote Amp Trigger
Mounting Options
In-Dash or Under-Dash
Voltage Range
10V - 15.9V
Head Units and Amplifiers
Dimensions L x W x H
82mm x 75mm x 27mm


Dimensions L x W x H (Inches)
4 x 3.5 x 1.25
Weight (lb)
M/C Dimensions L x W x H (Inches)
20.75 x 7 x 7.75
M/C Weight (lb)
M/C Qty
50 Pcs