AudioControl LC7i PRO Six-Channel Line Output Converter with Accubass

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Upgrade your car audio experience with the AudioControl LC7i PRO Line Output Converter with Accubass. This converter offers outstanding sound quality and performance, enhancing your driving journey. It ensures precise and powerful audio with six channels of active speaker-level inputs and up to 40V input capacity. Take complete control of your sound system with variable outputs and discrete-level controls. The AccuBASS® processing feature corrects bass roll-off, delivering music as intended. Additional features like internal channel summing, load selection switch, GTO signal sensing, audio sense turn-on, and ground isolation switch ensure optimal performance and reliability on the road.

  • Enjoy the benefits of six channels of active speaker-level inputs, capable of handling up to 40V input.

  • Customize your audio system with variable outputs and discrete-level controls for precise sound adjustments.

  • Experience enhanced bass quality with AccuBASS® processing, which corrects bass roll-off.

  • Benefit from internal channel summing for improved audio performance.

  • Easily select load settings with the Load Selection Switch.

  • Ensure optimal signal detection with GTO Signal Sensing.

  • Appreciate automatic turn-on with Audio Sense technology.

  • Enhance audio quality and minimize interference with the Ground Isolation Switch.

  • Included ACR-1 dash remote for convenient control.