AudioControl LC7i 6-Channel Line Output Converter with Bass Restoration

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Introducing the AudioControl LC7i, the ultimate solution for upgrading your car's audio system. This 6-channel line output converter (LOC) with bass restoration delivers high-quality sound by converting the signal from your factory radio into a low-noise audio signal. With easy installation and features like AccuBASS® for balanced bass response and GTO™ Signal Sense circuitry for automatic on/off functionality, the LC7i is the perfect choice for audiophiles seeking unparalleled sound quality in their car. Upgrade your audio system today with the AudioControl LC7i and experience the best in-car audio performance.

  • Six-Channel Line Output Converter: Keep your factory source unit while enhancing your car audio system performance with the AudioControl LC7i, a six-channel active line converter.

  • AccuBASS: Fix weak bass in factory systems with AudioControl's AccuBASS technology, automatically correcting bass roll-off and maintaining bass as volume increases for improved audio performance.

  • Speaker Input: Compatible with nearly any factory stereo system, including Bose systems, with three pairs of speaker-level inputs accommodating up to 400 watts.

  • Channel Summing: Sum multiple input channels (4 or 6) from the factory source unit into two channels, eliminating the need for additional cables or hardware in vehicles with actively crossed-over signals.

  • AutoMode Inputs: When no signal is present at the channel three input, the LC7i automatically feeds the channel two and channel three outputs from the channel two input.

  • Output Level: +/- 12 dB output level adjustment, allowing you to optimize voltage for your amp's input range, with individual level adjustments for each RCA output.

  • Auto Turn-On: The signal sensing circuit turns on the unit with a speaker-level input signal and turns off when the signal disappears.

  • Ground Isolation: Switchable power supply ground options, including fully isolated, Ground, or 200Ω, to eliminate ground loop noise.

  • Remote Output: +12 volt DC remote output triggers the amp to turn on whenever the LC7i is on, with a maximum current output of 1 amp.

  • Terminal Blocks: Removable power/ground/remote in/remote out terminal and speaker level input terminals for easy wiring, accommodating wire up to 12 gauge.

  • Optional Remote Control: Add the optional ACR-1 wired remote (sold separately) to conveniently adjust channel three output, commonly used for subwoofers, with customizable dash-mounted installation options.