AudioControl LC5i PRO Five-Channel Output Converter with Accubass

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Upgrade your car audio system with the AudioControl Five Channel Output Converter with Accubass. This converter delivers crystal-clear sound quality with four channels of active speaker-level inputs and up to 40V input handling. Customize your sound with variable outputs and discrete-level controls while the AccuBASS® processing corrects bass roll-off for an optimal listening experience. Additional features like internal channel summing, load selection switch, GTO signal sensing, audio sense turn-on, and ground isolation switch ensure superior performance and reliability. Transform your driving experience today!

  • Enjoy the benefits of six channels of active speaker-level inputs, capable of handling up to 40V input.

  • Customize your audio system with variable outputs and discrete-level controls for precise sound adjustments.

  • Experience enhanced bass quality with AccuBASS® processing, which corrects bass roll-off.

  • Benefit from internal channel summing for improved audio performance.

  • Easily select load settings with the Load Selection Switch.

  • Ensure optimal signal detection with GTO Signal Sensing.

  • Appreciate automatic turn-on with Audio Sense technology.

  • Enhance audio quality and minimize interference with the Ground Isolation Switch.

  • Included ACR-1 dash remote for convenient control.