AudioControl LC2i PRO 2-Channel Line Output Converter with ACR-1 Dash Remote Subwoofer Control

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Experience the power of premium sound with the AudioControl LC2i PRO. This compact, two-channel processor delivers unparalleled audio quality and performance. With advanced active input circuitry, it accepts speaker-level signals of up to 400 watts per channel, allowing you to connect to any audio system. The LC2i PRO features AudioControl's AccuBASS® technology, automatically correcting the bass response for balanced and natural sound. Its high-current, low-impedance output stage ensures crystal-clear sound with deep, impactful bass. The device also includes GTO™ Signal Sense circuitry for easy on/off with your factory radio, and its compact size makes installation a breeze. Upgrade your car audio system with the AudioControl LC2i PRO and enjoy the ultimate audio performance.

  • Compact chassis design for discreet installation.

  • Active circuitry for improved sound quality without compromising bass response.

  • Two-channel speaker-level input accepting up to 400-watt per channel signals.

  • 9.5V preamp outputs with level-matching controls.

  • AccuBass processing for bass roll-off correction.

  • Threshold and level controls for optimizing bass response.

  • Load select switch for matching factory system requirements.

  • Trigger mode options: GTO Signal Sense, Audio, and Remote In.

  • A ground isolation switch for eliminating grounding noise problems.

  • Remote level control for adjusting the bass output from the front seat.

  • Integrated mounting flanges for easy installation.

  • Power connections require a hardwired connection to the vehicle's electrical system.