AudioControl The Epicenter Micro Bass Restoration Processor & Line Output Converter

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Get ready to experience deep, rich bass like never before with the AudioControl Epicenter Micro Bass Restoration Processor and Line Output Converter. Designed for use with both aftermarket and factory audio systems, this compact and powerful processor is the ultimate tool for audiophiles who demand the very best from their music.

Featuring a selectable output level of up to 9.5 Vrms, The Epicenter Micro delivers crisp, clear audio with incredible depth and precision. Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes on a long road trip or enjoying a night out on the town, you'll appreciate the superior sound quality that this processor delivers.

With speaker-level inputs that can handle up to 40V (400 watts RMS) and switchable load resistance (20, 60, or 20,000 ohms), The Epicenter Micro is designed to prevent factory stereo shut-down and provide a seamless audio experience. Whether you're using it with a factory sound system or an aftermarket setup, you'll appreciate the ease of use and versatility that this processor provides.

So if you're looking for a powerful and reliable way to enhance your audio experience, look no further than the AudioControl Epicenter Micro Bass Restoration Processor. With its advanced features, intuitive design, and superior performance, it's the ultimate tool for audiophiles who demand the very best from their music. Order yours today and experience the power of The Epicenter Micro for yourself!

  • Bass Restoration: Rather than simply turning up the bass, the patented bass restoration circuit takes a full range input signal and measures the upper harmonics of the bass frequency range to determine what frequencies have been lost through the recording process, streaming algorithms or other processes, then correctly restores the missing bass information. The two remote rotary knobs allow you to control how much bass is restored to the system and the output level. A full range signal is output from the Epicenter that can feed a full range amp, a subwoofer amp (with built-in crossover), an outboard crossover or DSP.

  • Bass Maximization: The Bass Maximization circuit allows The Epicenter to maximize the bass output of any system while restraining destructive bursts, which can damage speakers.

  • ParaBASS: single band parametric equalizer for the bass output
    • Wide: width of the parametric band is adjustable
    • Sweep: center frequency continuously variable 27-63 Hz (45 Hz in the middle)

  • Load Select: set speaker level input load
    • 20Ω: typically used with factory systems that have no amplifier (base system)
    • 60Ω: typically used with factory systems having a separate amplifier (premium system)
    • 20 kΩ: used for all other applications

  • Balanced Inputs: a balanced differential input circuit cancels noise picked up in the input transmission line; jumpers inside the chassis can be changed to unbalanced if needed

  • Trigger Mode: set how the Epicenter is turned on
    • Remote: turns on with +12 volts on the remote in terminal
    • GTO: (Great Turn On) turns on with the factory amplifier
    • Audio: turns on when an audio signal is sensed at the input; speaker level or line level

  • Ground Isolation: 3-position switch for power supply ground; Ground, ISO, 200Ω; best setting is typically the default ISO (fully isolated), but if you have noise try the other settings

  • PFM Subsonic Filter:
    • On: removes frequencies below 20 Hz
    • Off: filter is bypassed, generally a bad idea, particularly with ported sub enclosures

  • Output Voltage: set the maximum output voltage to match downstream processor/amp(s); 5 volts, 7.5 volts, 10+ volts

  • Remote: The wired remote has two concentric knobs; the outer knob controls the bass restoration level and the center knob controls the overall output level (volume). The remote is designed to be dash mounted, within reach of the driver; it can be mounted under the dash with the supplied bracket, or the bracket can be removed and the knob and LED can be custom mounted through the dash.
  • Bass Restoration Processor
  • Two 4-pin Phoenix connectors (installed)
  • ACR-4 wired remote control (dash mount)
  • 17' RJ-14 Remote cable
  • 1.5mm Hex key
  • User Guide