AudioControl D-5.1300 5-Channel DSP Amplifer with Accubass

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Get ready to experience the ultimate in car audio performance with AudioControl's D-5.1300 5-Channel DSP Amplifier with Accubass. This innovative amplifier packs a powerful punch, featuring cutting-edge Class D amp technology, MILC™ (Maximum Input Level Control) LED optimization, and clip indicators to ensure maximum power and clarity.

Designed to deliver outstanding sound quality, this amplifier is equipped with Accubass technology that ensures your bass is always powerful and distortion-free. With a stereo/mono switch on channel pairs, you can easily configure your system for optimal sound quality and flexibility.

The D-5.1300's advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology provides precise tuning options, allowing you to fine-tune your audio to your exact preferences. The result is unparalleled sound quality that will take your driving experience to the next level.

The MILC™ LED optimization system ensures that your music stays distortion-free, even at high volume levels. And with clip indicators that warn you when your system is reaching its limits, you can enjoy your music with peace of mind.

Built to last, this amplifier features an all-aluminum chassis that is both durable and stylish. The user-friendly interface and advanced features make it easy to set up and customize your audio system.

If you're looking for the ultimate car audio amplifier, the AudioControl D-5.1300 5-Channel DSP Amplifier with Accubass is the perfect choice. Upgrade your car audio system today and experience the best sound quality on the road!

  • Maximum Input Level Control (MILC): The amplifier analyzes the input signal to detect any clipping. If the signal reaches the level of clipping, the MILC Source Clip LED glows red, prompting you to turn down the gain level. When the gain level is maximized, a green Maximized LED will glow to indicate the gain, for that set of channels, is set to the optimum level. The input Gain for each channel is controlled through the DSP control software from a connected computer.

  • GTO (Great Turn On) Signal Sense: If you are connecting the amplifier to a factory stereo, or an aftermarket unit without preamp outputs and a remote turn-on lead, the GTO Signal Sense circuitry can turn on the amplifier when an audio signal is detected on either the line-level or speaker-level inputs. After a period of time with no signal input, the amp will turn itself off.

  • ACR-3 Remote (optional): The optional AudioControl ACR-3 wired remote is a dual-function remote that lets you adjust both the level of the main and line outputs, as well as recalling memory presets, all from the driver's seat. The ACR-3 has two LED indicators and a rotary/push-knob. When the blue LED is on, the remote knob raises and lowers the output level. When the knob is pushed in, the red LED will light, allowing the knob to recall memory presets when turned. You can further configure the operation of the ACR-3 in the Digital Signal Processor software.

  • AC-BT24 Bluetooth Adapter (optional): The optional AudioControl AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer & Programmer lets you stream high-definition Bluetooth audio (aptX), with up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution from Bluetooth devices with aptX codec. Along with audio streaming, the AC-BT24 lets you perform wireless DSP programming of the D-5.3100 using the DM Smart DSP app on your smartphone or tablet, available at the Apple App and Google Play stores. You can also use the AC-BT24 in conjunction with AudioControl's DM-RTA or DM-RTA Pro Kit (both sold separately) for a wide range of testing, analyzing, and fine-tuning features for your sound system. The AC-BT24 connects to the Option Port on the D-5.3100.

  • Top Panel: The D-5.1300 has a removable top panel that allows you to view numerous LED indicators during setup, and the on/off switch for the GTO (Great Turn-On) Signal Sense function. The LED indicators include:

    • Power: The Power LED illuminates in green when the amplifier is powered on and is operating normally. In addition, blue LEDs inside the unit will glow in a particular pattern during power up, reset boot, or if protection is activated.
    • Protection: The Protection LED will flash in the event of a short circuit (one time or repeated), Under Voltage, Over Voltage, DC Offset, or Thermal Overload in the heatsink or at the transformer. The amp has built-in diagnostic codes indicated by a particular flashing pattern, telling you exactly where the problem has occurred. A chart of the protection diagnostic codes is provided in the Quick Start Guide.
    • Communications LED: This LED lights when there is USB activity between the amp and your computer during set up.
    • MILC Source Clip LED: The MILC (Maximum Input Level Control) level-setting circuit prevents clipping and distortion. It calculates when the waveform of an incoming signal on input 1 or 2 is clipping and lights this LED. The level of the incoming signal should be set just prior to MILC LED coming on.
    • Maximized Input LEDs: These LEDs illuminate when a maximum audio signal is present on any of the analog audio inputs. Signal levels should be lowered if these LEDs are on a lot. Three LEDs are provided, labeled Front, Rear, and Sub.
    • Maximized Output LEDs: These LEDs illuminate when there is maximum signal present on any of the audio outputs. Signal levels should be lowered if these LEDs are on a lot. Four LEDs are provided: Outputs 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and Line Out.
  • Connections: The D-5.1300's connections are aligned along the front of the amplifier for ease of installation. The amp's connections include:

    • Fuses: Four 30A ATO blade-type fuses are installed in the amplifier.
    • Power: Set-screw terminals are provided for connecting +12V Power, Ground, and Remote In. The Power and Ground terminals will accept up to 1/0-gauge wire, however, the recommended wire size is between 4 AWG (up to 19' wire run) and 1/0 AWG. The Remote In terminal accepts up to 8-gauge. A 120A fuse (sold separately) should be placed on the power wire, no more than 18" from the battery.
    • Line Level Inputs: Three pairs of RCA jacks are provided for connecting the amp to the source unit via RCA cables.
    • Line Level Output: One pair of RCA jacks for feeding the signal to another amplifier. The maximum output is 8.5V RMS.
    • Speaker Level Inputs: Four sets of removable Euroblock (Phoenix) connectors are provided for connecting the source unit via speaker-level input. The connectors are labeled 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and Front High (for tweeters).
    • ACR-3 Control: This RJ-14 telephone-type connection allows you to plug in the optional ACR-3 Remote. The ACR-3 is used to change the output level and for recalling memory presets.
    • USB: A micro-B USB is used for connection to a computer for DSP configuration. A 10' USB cable is provided.
    • Speaker Output: Three removable Euroblock connectors are provided for connecting speaker wire. The amplifier will accept a load impedance of 2Ω or higher in stereo (4Ω or higher when bridged).
    • Option Port: A multi-pin input is provided for connecting the optional AudioControl Bluetooth adapter for streaming audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • 5-Channel DSP amplifier
  • Four 30A ATO fuses (installed)
  • 10' USB cable (type-A on one end / micro-B on other end)
  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • User Guide