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Now available, the AudioControl ACX-300.1 all-weather amplifier, the ultimate powerhouse for your outdoor adventures! Whether you're cruising on your boat, tearing up the trails on your ATV, or hitting the open road on your motorcycle, the ACX-300.1 is the perfect companion for all your audio needs.

With its impressive power output of 175 watts RMS into a 4Ω load and 300 watts RMS into a 2Ω load, the ACX-300.1 delivers crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound that will take your music experience to the next level. And with both RCA line-level and speaker-level inputs, you can connect your audio source in whatever way works best for you.

But that's not all - the ACX-300.1 is designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor environments. Its rugged, all-weather construction means you can take it anywhere, without worrying about damage from water, dust, or debris. And with its compact size and easy installation, you can easily mount it wherever you need it most.

So why settle for mediocre sound when you can have the best? Upgrade your outdoor audio experience with the AudioControl ACX-300.1 all-weather amplifier and get ready to rock your next adventure!

  • High-/Low-Level Inputs: The ACX-300.1 includes two built-in 12" RCA inputs that can accept either high- or low-level input signals. If running high-level signals, RCA to speaker-wire adapters must be used (sold separately), or the RCA connectors must be cut off and the bare-ended wire used.

    • Low-Level Input Range: 500mV - 6Vrms

    • High-Level Input Range: 1Vrms - 12Vrms

  • AccuBASS: The patented AccuBASS processing circuit compensates for factory bass rolloff to improve bass performance, especially with most factory installed sound systems. The circuit has two rotary controls: the Threshold lets you dial in the level at which the AccuBASS will begin to work, and a Level control that adjusts the amount of AccuBASS compensation.

  • Crossovers: The ACX-300.1 includes a 12 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter with a 3-position switch to change the crossover point. Choices include 80Hz, 120Hz, or Bypass.

  • Gain Maximized LEDs: The mono amp's inputs include a Gain control to the properly set the overall output level. A Maximized LED indicator will light to let you know when the output signal has reached its optimum performance level, helping to avoid running a distorted signal to your speakers.

  • GTO (Great Turn On) Signal Sense: If you are connecting the amplifier to a factory stereo, or an aftermarket unit without preamp outputs and a remote turn-on lead, the GTO Signal Sense circuitry can turn on the amplifier when an audio signal is detected on either the line-level or speaker-level inputs. After a period of time with no signal input, the amp will turn itself off.

  • Optional Wired Remote Control: The ACX-300.1 amplifier features a female 3.5mm jack on a built-in 12" harness, letting you connect an optional ACR-1 wired remote control (sold separately). A 16.5' ACR-1 connection cable is provided, with a male 3.5mm connector on one end and an RJ-14 connector on the other end, that connects to the wired controller.

  • All-Weather Construction: The ACX-300.1 amp has been constructed to withstand outdoor environments and carries an IPX6 waterproof rating, making it impervious to weather. A removable cover-plate on top of the amp protects the controls and LED indicators from dust and moisture ingress. The cover-plate screws require a 2.5mm hex bit for removal (not included). All wire harnesses on the amp are built-in for added weather resistance:

    • Audio Inputs: Two RCA jacks on 12" input cables are provided, each with protective plastic caps.

    • Speaker Output: A 12" 2-pin speaker-wire output is terminated in a waterproof connector, and includes a matching 7" harness with bare-ended wire.

    • Power/Ground/Remote: A 12" section of 10ga. power and ground wire terminates in a waterproof connector, with matching 7" harness and bare-ended wire. An additional empty power/ground connector is provided, letting you build your own harness to match the amp's power/ground connector. A bare-ended 12", 18ga. remote turn-on wire is provided in the power/ground harness.

  • Mounting: The AudioControl ACX-300.1 features built-in mounting flanges on either end of the amp, with two pre-drilled holes in each, allowing the amp to be mounted in a variety of locations. Four 3/4" screws are provided for mounting.

What's In The Box:
  • Mono amplifier (attached 12" power/ground/input/output harnesses)

  • 7" Power & ground harness (10 ga.)

  • 7" Speaker output harness

  • 16.5' ACR-1 Remote Level Control cable w/ a RJ-14 plug on one end and a male

  • 3.5mm plug on other end (ACR-1 Remote Level Control not included)

  • Power & ground connector (empty)

  • 2 Crimp-on terminals for power & ground harness

  • Harness locking pin

  • 2 Rubber grommets

  • Four 3/4" screws

  • User Guide